TWOBIU Popcorn Maker FDA Approved Popcorn Popper Popcorn Machine

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  • ★Never use sugar, salt or oil while popping. ★Never point the outlet at people or pets for safety reasons. ★Keep the machine away from water.★Prepare a huge waiting bowl or container(4 quarts/16cups/4L) for your delicious popcorn!
  • One-key Operation: The One-key operation make it exceptionally easy to operate the popper. Just pop and enjoy! Put some kernels into the popping chamber, switch on, wait for 3 minutes, 16 cups of crisp, fluffy delicious oil-free popcorn will pop out to the chute and fall right into your bowl!
  • Healthier Choice: Pop with hot air – 100% oil-free popcorn makes it a healthier snack choice for the whole family. Without oil, cleaning is a real snap. Clean your completely cooled popping chute and measuring cup with a damp tower moistened by warm soapy water.
  • DIY your healthy snack: DIY is fun! Melted butter and salt makes it a traditional taste. Have you tried adding Parmesan cheese, chili powder or cinnamon sugar? Or mixing your popcorn with roasted nuts, chocolate chips and dried fruit to make a satisfying trail mix? A special treat would save your day!
  • Premium Quality: The popping chamber is made of food-grade Aluminum Alloy, which contains no harmful chemical substances, the surface is made of durable thermal-conduct ABS, featuring a wild range of exceptional damage resistance such as scratches and bumps of everyday use. 12 MONTHS warranty!


You wanna make sure all devices that you are using are totally safe. So here comes the all-round protection efficient kitchen gadget -TWOBIU hot air popcorn machine! This popper has been approved by FDA of America, ETL and ROHS. You could make low-calorie, oil-free, healthy home-made popcorn anytime!

☞ Fresh popped popcorn is hot, never point the outlet at people or pets.
☞ Switch the unit off when popping is done and the pop sound stops. Wait 1 minute before opening the chute.
☞ Wait 2-3 minutes between each batch. The popper will auto-shut off if the temperature reaches up to 365F°. Allow the machine to cool down.
☞ The measuring spoon has to be set in place. Prepare a huge bowl(4 quarts) underneath the outlet could help prevent popcorns spreading all over your kitchen.

To ensure maximum popping efficiency, the best kernels should content about 13% of moisture. When the kernels dry out to below 11% of moisture, they might not pop at all.
These 3 suggestions may help:
☀ Use new popcorn, older kernels are more likely to have dried out than fresher popcorn kernels.
☀ Store kernels in a sealed container at room temperature to maintain a constant moisture content. Avoid storing leftover kernels in the refrigerator.
☀ Check the wiring and fan on your popper, if nothing seems to be wrong, try changing the brand of popcorn kernels you are using.

Oil, butter, salt, sugar are not allowed when popping, but you can always add flavors afterwards, here are some great ideas:
❤ Add chocolate or peanut butter for a rich flavor;
❤ Enjoy the old fashioned with pure Cane Sugar and Sea Salt;
❤ Add cheddar or parmesan if cheesy taste is what you like;
❤ If you like sweet flavor, caramel is a must try!

What’s in the package:
1 x Hot Air Popcorn Machine
1 x ABS Chute
1 x Measuring Spoon
1 x User’s Manual


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