Aickar Multifunction Food Scale,Digital Personal Nutrition Scale, Kitchen Food Weighing Scale,Baking Scale with Capacity 11lb/5kg – Black


❤Multifunctional—Aickar Kitchen Weight Scale allows you to measure both weight and volumn of food fast and easily in g, lb:oz, fl’oz and ml. This multifuntion food scale weighs up to 5kg, 11lb:0.4oz, 5000ml and 176fl’oz. Switch between weight mode, water volume mode and milk volume mode freely with a touch of a button.
❤Fast & Precise—This electric food scale has a LCD display that reads the weight & volume quickly and clearly. It’s high precision strain gauge sensor that is accurate to 1g/0.1lb:oz, 1ml/0.1 fl’oz makes it one of the best digital multifunction kitchen and food scales on the market.
❤Tare Function—This digital kitchen food scale can weigh food continuously.The tare function allows you to weigh items consecutively without removing them from the scale.You can easily clear the weight of a plate,bowl,bowl,cup or other container from the scale,independently measure multiple items in the container.
❤Easy Unit Conversion—There are only two buttons,UNIT and TARE.It is very easy to switch among weight ↔ water volume ↔ milk volume mode,and between lb:oz↔g,ml ↔ fl’oz by slightly tap “UNIT”.Slightly tap “TARE” to manual ON or tare to zero,long press it to manual OFF.It will auto power off in about 2 minutes of inactivity.
❤Long Time Guaranteed—Our this black kitchen scale has 30-day money back guarantee & 2 years warranty.Any questions about it please feel free to contact us first,you’ll get a fast response within 24 hours.






Asin: B0796NWFYR

Get the prefessional kitchen scale and become a good health management expert!

This Aickar digital kitchen multifunction food scale can be a good health management expert for you,it can weigh vegetables,fruits,meats,nuts,water,milk and so on.Both solid and liquid food (water & milk) can get an accurate measurement in short time,our goal is to bring you precision measuring device that will ensure many years of quality and realiability.Not only a good dry food scale,but also a good baking scale,every family deserve to own such a wonderful kitchen cooking scale.

Wide Range of Applications:
This digital multifunction kitchen and food scale can be used for housewife,dessert chef,kitchen class,cooking greener and whoever want to control his/her highly accurate weighing in precise ingredients.It can measure up to 11lb(5kg).

2-Buttons Operation:
There are only two operate buttons on the digital food scale,”UNIT” and “TARE”,it is very easy to switch.
TARE: Manual on/Manual off/Tare to zero
UNIT: You can press it to change between weight↔water volume ↔milk volume,and between lb:oz ↔g,ml↔fl’oz.

Tare Function:
Press “Tare” button to allow you to deduct the weight/volume of a container from the total weight in order to determine the net weight/volume of the contents excluding the weight of the container which holds them.Or weigh one food first then get the second food’s weight without moving the first food.It is a fast food weighing scale.

Auto Off:
The digital kitchen food scale auto off itself after 2 minutes inactivity, allowing you to save more energy.

Over-loaded Indicator:
When add too food on the food weight scale,the “Err” symbol on the display indicates that the small food scale is over-loaded.Please remove excessive load immediately to avoid possible damage to the product.

Unstable Indicator:
If your small kitchen scale is not standing stable,the “unst” symbol on the display indicates that the kitchen weighing scale is not stable for weighing.Please follow operation instructions for usage.

Low-battery Indicator:
The “Lo” symbol on the display indicates that the battery power is running low.Please replace with new batteries for the digital kitchen scale.

Product Specification:
Four units conversion : two weight units:g,lb:oz;two volume units:ml,fl’oz
Three mode conversion : weight,water volume,milk volume
Max Capacity : 5kg/11lb:0.4oz/5000ml/176fl’oz
Division: 1g/0.1lb:oz/1ml/0.1fl”oz
Material: plastic food scale
LCD Display Functions:
—negative value,
g:weight unit,
T:tare weight,

Kitchen Scale Accessories:
1* High Precision Aickar Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale
2*AAA Batteries
1* User Manual


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